Nutrition | Holistic Health & Wellness I Pain Relief by Ria Raschig
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Holistic Nutrition offers a scientifically proven technique which helps your body re-establish balance and homeostasis

When your body is in a state of imbalance, illness, allergies and symptoms can occur. Once back in a state of homeostasis, your body can naturally alleviate itself from all symptoms.




I offer a FREE 15 minute meet and talk to see if you like what I have to offer you, if you feel there’s a good connection, we can go from there.

Nutritional Consulting

* creating profile of health history, currant concerns & diet and lifestyle at this moment;
* provide education around currant links of diet with health concern;
* meal plan, recipes;
* plan of action within 2 days for diet, lifestyle, supplements if needed, & mind-body recommendations;
* 2 phone calls within 2 weeks to keep you on track.


(90 minutes) – $150.00



Follow up visit

* address any questions and review concerns;
* review your progress;
* see if previous recommendation could use improvement and/ or adjustments to maintain your health routine;
* discuss lifestyle plan for your journey to continued success for your health.


(30 minutes) – $60.00