Let's Work Together | Holistic Health & Wellness I Pain Relief by Ria Raschig
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Let’s Work Together


I’m Ria Raschig, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Bowen Therapist, and a Medical Cannabis Educator.


I love the simple things…

simple eating from Mother Earth…
simple, gentle healing from Bowen Therapy….simple lifestyle created from “within”…..


We take this simple healing process for granted, and yet our body is more than capable of performing greater healing than ever.


My story is simple….I have always been drawn to eating ORGANIC vegetables, fruit and healthy grains for over 30 years now. I’ve had knee issues for years as I loved sports in High School and still do today!  Bowen Therapy was introduced to me by a nurse in the hospital waiting for doctors to review a meniscus tear. I checked out Jonathan Damonte, and he helped my knee miraculously!  I then became a Bowen Therapist as I passionately wanted to help others.


Cannabis also helped me with my knee pain…and staying away from certain foods also supports my inflammation. Cannabis has ( along with good nutrition and supplements) also helped clients through their breast cancer…..I’m looking forward to really delving into this amazing plant for those that would like to learn more, and include it into their healing journey.


In my practice I work with the therapy that best fits the needs of the individual at any one time. The holistic nature of my work allows lasting balance to take place helping people make positive changes in their lives and often resolve long standing issues. I passionately invite anyone who suffers with pain, and is looking for an alternative lifestyle to support them, to connect with me.

Ria Raschig is a Certified Bowen Therapist ( CBT) through the North American Bowen Teaching College and she practices the Original Bowen Therapy ( Bowen TC) as approved and endorsed by the Tom Bowen Heritage Foundation of Australia Inc.


Ria is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) getting her degree in 2002 from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Toronto, Ontario. Ria started her Nutritional Consultant practice working with 4 doctors at a clinic in Toronto. Offering their patients the great benefit of changing their lifestyles with “healthy” food to get off many medications from Diabetes to Heart Disease. She also worked for “Weight Less Clinics” in Toronto and Markham, Ont.​ ​as the nutritionist on site.


With the recent legalization of cannabis for medicine in October 2018, Ria obtained her “Cannabis Medicine For Herbalists” Certification through the Lodgepole School of Holistic Studies in Alberta. She is currently working with clients with cancer and sleep imbalances.


In Vancouver, Ria has spent time in the Health Stores offering free support for customers and women with Breast Cancer.