People say the nicest things……

  • Marla Hedman

    I'm an old skier, cyclist and now arthritic pain sufferer,who has been compensating through years of knee pain and back spasms. I've tried many many therapies ( acupuncture, pilates, massage, medication, physio) and Bowen Therapy ihas proven to be the single most effective treatment I've ever experienced. Ria herself was introduced to this alternative therapy when suffering through something similar ... the results she experienced made her want to take the work to the world. Her dedication to that work and her intuitive and holistic approach to assisting we pained people is wonderful. Best therapy practiced by a best human - its Ria!!

  • Janine

    Thank you Ria for all your help in healing the pain I experience in my jaw. Since having Bowen Sessions with you the pain and tension in my jaw has decreased dramatically. In the mornings I notice less nerve damage and soreness from grinding my teeth and slowly the holding is starting to release. I feel so cared for and relaxed in your sessions and appreciate the kindness that you have shown me. Wishing you wellness and fulfilment in your journey as a healer.

  • Diane

    For years I've tried all kinds of methods to relieve my hip pain. When I found Ria and Bowen, within a session or 2 it has given me more relief than anything I have tried in years. When you think you've tried everything, you haven't.  Try Bowen, because I honestly didn't think it would help.  It has and continues to do so.

  • Susan

    Since my hip operation I have had weekly sessions of Bowen Therapy. Progress following the operation has been remarkable. I am convinced that the Bowen Therapy contributed significantly to post-operative recovery. After one session I found myself walking normally outside but had forgotten my walking sticks. Ria has always presented as highly professional, kind and considerate. I would highly recommend her and this form of therapy.

  • Heather McKay

    Publisher, Reved Media

    Three years ago I broke my ankle in 3 places.  The ankle has never been right, but in compensating for the pain in the ankle, my back, hips and opposite knee all started to become a very painful problem.  This is when I found my Bowen therapist – Ria. After only 4 sessions, I walk better, all pain is greatly reduced and I feel able to deal with any discomfort that may arise.