Many of the problems associated with pregnancy can be treated with  Bowen Therapy both before and after childbirth.

How Bowen is useful in Preconception:

The first stage where Bowen Therapy is really useful is in the “preconception” preparation. Bowen is so good at getting the body healthy on a cellular and tissue level that it can really help the body to be more receptive. Just a few Bowen treatments to detoxify and get the body into excellent health prior to conception, can really ensure a smooth pregnancy. It is also effective in regulating the menstrual cycle and enhancing fertility (in both men and women).

During Pregnancy:

During pregnancy Bowen Therapy can also be a very healing tool to assist a smooth transition through all the rapid changes occurring in your body. Hormonal changes, a shifting centre of gravity, altered pelvic tilt and more pronounced curve in the lower back, as well as simply making space lovingly for a rapidly growing baby, all take their toll on you, the mother.

The First Trimester:

In the first trimester Bowen Therapy is useful in managing;
*Nausea and Vomiting of Morning Sickness
*Fatique and Emotional fluctuations
*Helping the body adapt to this new state of pregnacy
*Heartburn and Breast Discomfort

The Mid Trimester:

In the third trimester Bowen Therapy can be invaluable to help;
*The pelvis adjust and ease the associated discomforts of the extra pelvic pressure
*Back pain
*High Blood Pressure
*Cramps and aching in legs, feet or groin
*Varicose veins and hemorrhoids
*Edema (swelling from excess fluid in the tissues)

For your convenience, you can be treated seated or side lying and can be worked on as often as needed.

Last Trimester

Down the home stretch!
*Bowen can be very effective in turning babies who are posterior or breech
*Bowen has been used in labour wards and home births all over the world and can be very helpful in easing the potential discomfort of the delivery
*Induction of Labour
*Back Labour
*Cesarean Section

Post Birth and Babies:

Bowen Therapy can be excellent to support your body in healing and recovering more easily. Mastitis and lactation problems respond well to Bowen Therapy and the breast moves can be taught to the client so she can self treat at home as needed. As it is so gentle, Bowen Therapy can be used on babies to help them recover from birth trauma, ease symptoms of reflux and colic, address feeding difficulties and help them settle into their new existence out of the womb.

For a wonderful birth, Bowen Therapy is a valuable option from conception to birth and beyond, both for mother, father, and baby. It offers a gentle effective alternative to medication and provides excellent support throughout this time of rapid change.

Please try to bring your baby within the first 6 weeks, the earlier the better.