Hi!  I’m Ria Raschig, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Bowen Therapist.
I love the simple things….

Simple eating from Mother Earth…
Simple, gentle healing from Bowen Therapy….
Simple lifestyle created from “within”…..

We take these simple healing process for granted, and yet our body is more than capable of performing greater healing than ever, if only given the opportunity.  The body is an amazing healer, given some simple ingredients with passion….

I passionately invite anyone who suffers with pain, or who just wishes to escape from stress and anxiety, to make an appointment and experience a Bowen Therapy treatment.

Believe in your body…..simple

Ria Raschig CBT, RHN

Ria Raschig is a Certified Bowen Therapist ( CBT) through the North American Bowen Teaching College and she practices the Original Bowen Therapy ( Bowen TC) as approved and endorsed by the Tom Bowen Heritage Foundation of Australia Inc. She proudly and passionately works alongside her “teacher”, Jonathan Damonte, at the Alma Wellness clinic in Kitslano on 4th Ave.

Ria is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) getting her degree in 2002 from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Toronto, Ontario. Ria started her Nutritional Consultant practice working with 4 doctors at a clinic in Toronto. Offering their patients the great benefit of changing their lifestyles with “healthy” food to get off many medications from Diabetes to Heart Disease. She also worked for “Weightless Clinics” in Toronto and Markham , Ont.as the nutritionist on site.

Ria is presently volunteering her services part-time to helping Breast Cancer patients with nutrition here in Vancouver.